Benefits of Hiring an Expert Witness

Expert Witness

During many lawsuits, civil trials, and criminal trials, one of the greatest pieces of evidence that can be provided is that of an expert witness. This is particularly the case in the area of financial crimes, which are challenging to defend or prosecute due to the complexities of the trials. One expert witness that could provide you with a number of different valuable services for financial crimes and civil trials is Michael F. Richards.

Michael Richards is an experienced financial professional who has over 34 years of experience in the banking industry. He has plenty of experience working with legal experts to help prepare cases against banking individuals and financial institutions. Part of the process involves helping to explain the laws and how they can be applied in a certain case. This will also involve developing a plan as to how the case should be presented to a jury or judge, which can help to ensure that everything is presented in terms understandable to the average person. 

While Michael Richards has a lot of experience in being an expert witness, he can also provide consulting services to financial institutions to help ensure they are never involved in any legal matters. Michael Richards is up to date and educated in all of the financial regulations put in place by the FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve. If you are in need of a consultant or expert witness, you should click here today to learn more about what services can be provided.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 Financial Planning

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