How to Choose a Law Firm

Law Firm

How do you go about choosing a law firm that will fit your needs and give you the best odds of winning your case? While there are many lawyers out there who claim to be the best, not every lawyer may be right for you. Here are a few criteria that you should keep in mind when selecting legal counsel for your upcoming case.

Does the Attorney Offer a Free Consultation?

Any reputable attorney is going to offer a free consultation to determine if he or she can help you with your legal issue. If the attorney doesn’t offer a free consultation, it could be a sign that this person isn’t a true professional or may not have your best interest in mind. Therefore, insist that you can set up a meeting to talk about your needs before having to put down any money or make any decision as to whether or not you will ultimately use that attorney.

How Many Other Cases Is the Firm Handling?

It is important to know how many other cases a firm is handling at a given time. While your case may not be the only one that the firm has pending, there shouldn’t be so many cases going on at once that your case will get lost in the shuffle. You want to make sure that your attorney will give you the attention that you need to win your case or at least get a favorable ruling.

Can You Reach Your Attorney After Hours?

If you have a question about your case that cannot wait until the next day, would you be able to talk to your attorney after he or she leaves the office at night? If not, you may wish to continue your search as you can’t guarantee that all of your questions or concerns will come up during the day. At the very least, there should be someone who you can contact to get a general answer before your attorney is able to get back to you the next day with an answer better tailored to your unique situation.

Those who are looking for good legal advice may wish to contact the law offices of James P. Hoffman or any other lawyer who may meet your needs. After an initial consultation, you may be able to determine if you want to work with the attorney who you just talked to for the duration of your case.

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